The whole idea of the website started as an inspiration from Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York.

We have to say that, we instantly fell in love with it. There are several websites/blogs/pages already existing with the tag “Humans of India”, and they show photos from a few states. But the challenge is, there are 29 states in India and it is seemingly difficult for a single photographer to cover the entire Nation. Hence we came up with this idea of building a team of photographers and volunteers who would help us in bringing this project to life. At present we have a team in Delhi,Hyderabad,Varanasi,Chandigarh,Mumbai, Kolkata, North East, Bengaluru, Chennai and Mohali. Our mission is to reach all the states and portray beautiful stories from our great country and show case it to the entire world. Our aim is to also, bring wonderful stories of Indians living in other parts of the world.

If you’d like to discuss working with us and creating great projects, drop us a line:, we would love to hear from you.