Struggled To Win. - The Humans of India

Life’s never been easy for some people. It’s never been easy for me too.Learning is a process and it may be fast or may be slow for some.I wasn’t a fast learner. I get to learn about things at my own pace. What society does is they compare knowledge and capability with intelligence, which isn’t right in anyway.Learning in my sense was never about grasping fast or slow but it is about seeking knowledge and making continues attempts with efforts to fulfil whatever it takes to make you capable. Let’s take an example, me and peers started playing basketball early. As I said I was a slow learner my peers grasped early but I took my time in learning and continuing the same.It’s been years now and I don’t see them even half way as they left playing basketball, early. I continue to trail.As everything comes with a price, I had to pay for it.I have been bullied from 8 to 10 standard which made me an introvert. The worst happened when it came to career selection.Forcefully I have been dragged in engineering and I had to face all the consequences.I signed at my younger sister death certificate at the age of 21.I forgot to tell you that battling with situations and society has made me a writer.I always thought of contributing to society and keeping my laws to myself. I felt a contraction, wrote everything making me not a rebel or rowdy against society while single-handedly facing ups and deep downs, alone.In that case, I have recently penned down a fictional novel ‘Terror Was Her Love’ too.