ROADSIDE SPORTS - The Humans of India

“We come out to play everyday but because of the harsh summers we were unable to play. Life is boring if you cannot play with your friends. Today, finally the weather has changed. We’re all out and back at it. Let’s see who wins this game.”


Striving To Succeed!

“I have always been an athletic girl from a tender age until I found my true passion for shooting targets with a rifle.
I began shooting and practicing three or four years ago and ever since I have been a national player as well.
I excelled at the sport and won a gold medal at the university I studied in until they recognised it and sent me to a few national competitions. If only I had the resources to use an advanced rifle, I’d have probably won the tournament.
It is a pretty expensive affair and that is why I plan to hold off this passion until I save enough to provide for my own training expenses.
Nevertheless, I will always practice and try to get better at the sport.”

Its not just a game

“I got injured three years back. I was playing left back when the striker came with the ball. I almost had him. I tackled but he was quick. He passed the ball but fell over me. His knee hit me on the nose and I blacked out in an instant. The next thing I knew was that I was in a medical clinic getting my nose bone straight. It got cracked. This is sports. Its not just a game. It involves emotion. I love the game so I play it even after the injury.”

The Executing Striker

“My love For football begun Gradually as I was always very physically active ever since I was a little boy. And slowly and steadily I started developing my love for football. And I decided that I should be doing what I love. Eventually I started playing for my school and college and then local clubs and Now I am playing for Air India club as a Striker. Cristiano Ronaldo , UFC Fighter Connor McGregor And one of my very best Friends Yogesh Sawant have been my inspiration and courage for football.”

“Did you face any issues in the initial stages regarding football?”

“I really had no major difficulties at any point of time in my life. I did have mental barriers, but I overcame them. I had support from my mother who has now retired and taken VRS(voluntary retirement scheme) and my Father who retired 5 months back. “


“We work hard everyday. Our coach made us watch the film, Rocky a thousand times. Its our favorite film now. It always gives you motivation and helps you to come back in the game. We are all looking forward to represent India in boxing.”

Chess Master..

“I started playing chess when I was 9.Since my uncle is a chess trainer,I trained under him and have played many tournaments in all age categories representing my state.Getting into a premier college through sports quota is something that’s not a gallop of luck ! After getting into engineering it’s quite difficult to play regularly.May be after my graduation I may take up chess seriously and work on it.Hopefully I’ll be back to consistency.I’m very much interested in psychology.I’m also a part of “Teach My Kid” organisation.”

Kill the politics in sports and we'll see a good player in every other street

“A single seed can sprout into a majestic tree, a single drop can fill a ocean, a single decision can change our lives. For me, this decision was choosing to play basketball at an age where I didn’t understand it as a “sport” , it was a decision made purely to accompany my friend, it was also the best decision of my life. Now 10 years later, I made that one seemingly inconsequential choice, I still have no regrets. Basketball became more then just a game, it became a tangible part of my life, so much so that I started putting in more effort than anybody else on my team. This passion led to my playing on an International level twice, representing our proud country. It should have been my proudest moment just as much as I still should be playing basketball but, sometimes what we hope doesn’t really happen. My experiences were always bridled with unfairness, that shouldn’t exist. Preferences and politics took a front seat to talent until we couldn’t cope with it anymore. We’ve heard the phrase, “Kill the politics in sports and we’ll see a good player in every other street”. This phrase hasn’t yet been heeded, it remains a fact, a fictitious belief and not a reality. Believe me when I say that when this becomes true, India would reach insurmountable heights, and I would truly be proud to play in our country as a girl, as a player and as an Indian!”

Game,Set, Match!

“What started as a fitness activity turned out to be the love of my life. Tennis has helped me become the person I am today. I remember days when I used to cry and keep running because I couldn’t stop. I remember days when I would hardly be able to get out of bed but still had to go to practice at 5:30 am and days when I couldn’t hang out with friends because I had practice. But in then end,I would say it was worth all of it. I have represented my state at the national level and won laurels. I have never been a conventional sportsperson (been obese my whole life) and still made it so far and this has helped me in loving my body.”

Self Belief !!!

“My passion for football wasn’t much when I started initially. I only started playing football for fitness. Then gradually I developed love for football so much as I now live and breathe football. “Who do you consider your idol”. There are so many players , because every player teaches you some or the other thing. But if you tell me to name one I would say Alessandro Del Piero. He has played for Juventus and For Italy. Last year I played for a Local club Chedda Nagar, Super Division of MDFA league as a midfielder. The first club that I played for was Dahisar united. I did have many initial problems in my career. Many people did not see the potential in me. Many underestimated me, but my elder brother helped my through all of it. He always told me that ” if you don’t believe in yourself why should anyone else”. I always repeat that line in my brother’s voice whenever I am in self doubt or any problem. My brother has been my Pillar and my rock for all the support he has given me. My parents too were supportive of my career choice from the day 1. I do have many cousin’s but in my family we never considered ourselves as cousins, we always considered ourselves as brothers. My brother is a professional Drummer, my father also used to play drums and my brother was raised to be one as well. He has been playing for 3 bands. One of them is his own pet project known as Agaazu. My father is currenlty working in The Fire Brigade.”