"Mission Vision" - The Humans of India

“This could be the first springtime of new life. It was 18 August 1985.I was protected from the world in my mother’s womb . Then suddenly my life began when I trembled in my mother’s womb until the time I was born. After few minutes of excitement there was a sudden and disturbing impression on the mind. Doctor said,” She was born blind in one eye”. I was able to vision my left eye. The other didn’t receive enough oxygen and calcium , so I’ve been blind in my right eye .”

”¬†Growing up like this never bothered me in anyway. But as a teenager I’ve noticed that when I’m talking to people who doesn’t knows me or meeting me for the first time, they turn around, as if I’m not talking to them (but of course I am, there’s no one behind them). I felt bashful about my eye since then. I don’t know why people hate making eye contact with me. I didn’t care so much when I was a child. Well, after a long span of time I started losing my left eyesight. While making tea I’d add extra water or oil to the dishes. I felt miserable. I was helpless . I think that’s horrible that anybody would judge you based on an eye deformity. It was my 28th Birthday and I asked Myself ,”Am I regretting it?” . No, I should be thankful to god that I have lived up to this day. And now I have a good job, good friends and a good life.”