MBBS - The Humans of India

I am a labourer. Me and my family live on a meagre income. I worked hard so that I could afford education to my daughter. Looks like God has finally heard our prayers.

My daughter got into an MBBS college last month. My happiness knew no bounds. Suddenly, all of my surroundings changed. People have started to come and congratulate us. Some are jealous of the fact that a girl from a poor family has made it this big. Nevertheless, I’m so proud of her. She worked really hard for this and has finally been rewarded.

Despite the daily struggle to sustain my family, I believed in her. I have a special bonding with her. She is the Lakshmi in our house, literally. I always knew that my days will turn around. She’s going to be the reason for it. I will keep working hard and supporting her, however I can.