I had no where to go - The Humans of India

“I was 9 when my parents died in an accident. I had no siblings so my cousin brother adopted me. He gave me everything I could ask for. He wanted me to go to school but I was not interested in studies. I didn’t knew its value.
When I turned 18 my Brother’s wife started torturing me. She used to beat me when he was out on work. She used to go for parties with her friends and I used to do all the cooking and cleaning.
She wanted me to marry her second cousin, but I didn’t want that to happen. I didn’t knew that man. I never met him. She started to torture me more and more.
My brother was against this too but she was going to convince him. So one early morning I packed all my stuff and ran towards the railway station and sat in a train, I didn’t knew where it was heading to. My brother called me on my phone a thousand times and asked me to come back but the train was already on its way. I had no where to go.”