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No Pain No Gain.

“I never thought my life would come to this stage at any point of time. A simple Kashi boy who loved his city more than any other place, who loved his family more than anyone else would leave everything for his future day.

I’ve been living here since 22 years and this wasn’t an easy decision for me. At the age of 4 when I started with my schooling, I cried.. Tears rolled out of my eyes because that was the first day when I had to live an entire day without my family and this reality was agonizing. But as they say “every scar heals with time”. I developed a habit of living without them, but only for few hours a day. My love for my family, friends, and Kashi was increasing every single day I was getting experienced.

There is something so mesmerizing about Kashi that anybody who comes here will get hooked to this world forever. The welcoming atmosphere of the city never made me realize that one day I’ll have to leave this place. Maybe forever.

This addiction of Kashi made me feel like I’ll be here forever and I’ll never have to leave this place. After my completing my school, I pursued my graduation from this city only. But this time it was the love that made me stay here despite of various opportunities.

But as they say “To get what you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something that you never did”. This is the time when I’ve to leave this world. Although the truth is hard to digest, but this is the time when I’ve to take decisions.. The decision that’ll change my life completely. I’ve leave this love for my further studies. The truth is hard to digest and makes me cry. But yes I’ll be back because this is where I belong.”

Story of a Diya Seller

“I am a Diya(small oil lamp) seller and I also sell Sacrament to all the devotees coming here for prayers. My diyas are self made, I make them with the help of my wife. I come here in morning from 4 AM to 9 AM and in evening 4 PM to 9 PM. I never try to slip this routine because on the ghats of Varanasi I always meet new people and learns new things.”

The life of an Aghori in Varanasi.

“I left my home 20 years ago and came to Varanasi for a peaceful life by serving myself to the Lord. Varanasi is a place where people from different countries come and meet each other. Life in Kashi(Varanasi) is so peaceful that no one will ever want to have a leave from here. If you meditate even for a second here on the ghats of Varanasi, you will gain the best experience of your life. I have no tension of my life that when I am going to die or anything because even if I die I will die in this holy city KAASHI.”

The Old Tea Seller

“I have been living and selling tea on the streets of Varanasi since childhood. This is my age of retiring but I don’t want to because I am proud of being a tea seller as our own Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was also a tea seller. This proves that no work in this world is small or big, You just have to prove yourself.”

Pandit of Varanasi

“I sit here daily in the morning to help people taking bath in Ganga in spiritual manner. I never ask them to pay me, people donate me money or any thing they want to according to there satisfaction. My only objective is to praise my lord and helping his devotees.”

The Flower Seller

“I am a part time flower garlands seller, every morning from 5 to 8 I sell garlands outside the Shiva temple to the devotees. After that I am shopkeeper at ration shop which is my main source of income. I am never going to leave garlands selling profession, as this profession gives me the opportunity to serve lord Shiva.”