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Everything happens for a reason

My sister loved someone but he never loved her back. She went through depression and could not actually come back to her normal life.
But our whole family made her go through this. She started working in an MNC and there she met this man who loved her more than anything.
And now her past is buried and she’s happy with her life. Everything happens for a reason.

"The outsider"

“Modelling was always at the back of my mind.

When I was in the 10th standard, I decided to give a shot at modeling. Without any modeling background, it seemed like a futile idea. I had no clue about where to begin, how to proceed, whom to approach. Rejections crowded my way. People made fun of me because I was too thin back then. With time, I had become thick-skinned.

People say unexpected things happen at unexpected times. I couldn’t agree more. In the 12th standard, I got my first break in modeling. I got selected for my first ever fashion show. I was surprised but delighted at the same time. What seemed like an endless series of failures, suddenly led to an overwhelming success. Patience was the key.

Today, when I look back, I take pride in whatever I have achieved till date. I have done shoots with Snapdeal, Flipkart, Raymond, Zee news and many other designer brands as well. I have also walked the ramp for various designers. However, I wasn’t an overnight star, I had to work hard for all this. I’d like to credit my parents for all this. They have stood with me through thick and thin. They supported my decision, even when it seemed like a risky affair. I can very proudly say that I have just graduated from college and yet haven’t borrowed a single penny from my parents in the last two years. Hopefully, one day, you see me on billboards across roads. “


I am a labourer. Me and my family live on a meagre income. I worked hard so that I could afford education to my daughter. Looks like God has finally heard our prayers.

My daughter got into an MBBS college last month. My happiness knew no bounds. Suddenly, all of my surroundings changed. People have started to come and congratulate us. Some are jealous of the fact that a girl from a poor family has made it this big. Nevertheless, I’m so proud of her. She worked really hard for this and has finally been rewarded.

Despite the daily struggle to sustain my family, I believed in her. I have a special bonding with her. She is the Lakshmi in our house, literally. I always knew that my days will turn around. She’s going to be the reason for it. I will keep working hard and supporting her, however I can.

Struggled To Win.

Life’s never been easy for some people. It’s never been easy for me too.Learning is a process and it may be fast or may be slow for some.I wasn’t a fast learner. I get to learn about things at my own pace. What society does is they compare knowledge and capability with intelligence, which isn’t right in anyway.Learning in my sense was never about grasping fast or slow but it is about seeking knowledge and making continues attempts with efforts to fulfil whatever it takes to make you capable. Let’s take an example, me and peers started playing basketball early. As I said I was a slow learner my peers grasped early but I took my time in learning and continuing the same.It’s been years now and I don’t see them even half way as they left playing basketball, early. I continue to trail.As everything comes with a price, I had to pay for it.I have been bullied from 8 to 10 standard which made me an introvert. The worst happened when it came to career selection.Forcefully I have been dragged in engineering and I had to face all the consequences.I signed at my younger sister death certificate at the age of 21.I forgot to tell you that battling with situations and society has made me a writer.I always thought of contributing to society and keeping my laws to myself. I felt a contraction, wrote everything making me not a rebel or rowdy against society while single-handedly facing ups and deep downs, alone.In that case, I have recently penned down a fictional novel ‘Terror Was Her Love’ too.

"All About Me"

“Its different coming from coastal area to a big city like Delhi. I have been here for 12 months and it’s my first experience living in a big city. Change from normality . To get out of my comfort zone. When you are far away from your family , not that it is a fear, but you are aware that you are far away.”


What is your favorite childhood memory?

“After every Sunday lunch, my mother, father, sister and I would drive around entire lengths and breadths of Goa.”


“I am new to Delhi, as I got married recently. It was difficult for me in the beginning, but I am learning the culture of this city. I love traveling and am looking forward to explore interesting places in Delhi.  Once again, I am happy to relive my childhood memories  with my husband.”

"Never Too Old To Dance"

“What brought you to belly dance?”

” I saw an ad posted in college for belly classes and got very excited to learn this new subject. My love for dancing lead me to try various dance forms .  I know all the leaps and splits. Plus, I liked the fact that there were all age levels in the class. It meant I could never be too old to dance. When music touches you in its own special way then let your soul be free to say – DANCE. The beautiful person you will grow into will surprise you. Don’t settle for less and know your worth!


“I was always a desirous student in college and hence took up professional training in Bharatanatyam. I was very active, participating in cultural programs and never missed a single opportunity to dance. Instead of considering it as another  hobby, Young artists should take up dance seriously .”

“Give all your heart to the art form and it will love you back more, day by day.”