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Make your passion your career

“Since my childhood I was interested in music. In those days,I listened to music on cassettes,radios and TV. I eventually got attached to music and always thought of making a career and living out of it. I always admired RD Burman sahab because his music inspired me to become an artist. As a student my mind always got diverted to music instead of studies. I played on anything, a box, a bench and my family also noticed and supported my passion for Music. One of my friends went to a place called Malvan and they have this Koli Festival in which everyone played the drums, dholaks, saxophones. Whenever I visited this place, I always went inside the music room while others went out and enjoyed. And from there I got attracted to playing drums. It has been around 31 years since I have been in the music industry. One of the many Obstacles I faced was financially for buying an instrument as I belonged to a lower middle class family. But my mother and my sister helped me get my first drums and I started going to a music teacher. Then in 1993 I joined my first orchestra and my music career got a big push and ever since I played for various playback singers such as Sunidhi Chauhan, Kumar Sanu and I have also played abroad from Dubai till Bahrain.”

“My only message to all the parents would be to let your children chose their own career path or make their own career. Don’t stop them from doing what they are interested in doing.”

The life changer

“Everything Changed ever since my dog came into my life. At the start it was very difficult to handle him as we were new to handling pets. But slowly and steadily as time passed by we got better at interacting with him. The workload suddenly increased when he was first adopted as he defecated anywhere and anytime. We had problem giving him food at proper time so we had to give him to a dog trainer. But then I noticed that our dog got really scared every time the trainer was around. Because he beat him with a stick, we immediately canceled his training and made sure that he doesn’t do this to any other dog again. Now before dirtying our house he comes to us and gives us signs that he wants to go out. He truly has blessed us with his presence in our lives. But at first I was not open to this kind of change, it all changed when he fell Ill at the age of 6-8 months, which turned out to be a nightmare for us. We came to know that he had Infection, the doctors said that “we will see what we can do”. It was a very critical stage. That was the moment I felt his value in my life.”

Ab Fit hoga India - Rakesh Sharma CEO Zymin

“One thing that life has taught me is to expect the unexpected. From being in the merchant navy last year this time to having my own start-up which will hopefully change the fitness industry in India has been a humongous transformation for me. Over the tenure of my life I have learnt that we should never lose out on opportunities and that when they come knocking on the door, we should welcome it with open arms. At the same time we should make sure that the opportunity is used to the fullest and that is where my Merchant Navy background comes to help as being disciplined and on time is as important in a start up as it is in the Merchant Navy. Zymin came into being on the onset of November last year when my elder brother and I saw the flaws in the Indian fitness industry both for the trainers and for us. My main advice for people would be that we should start small in life but dream big. Dreaming and making it your goal to achieve those dreams is what has helped me get a team of 6 people and a mobile application which can revolutionize the fitness industry.”

The Faithful Being

“I stayed in Cuff Parade in Bombay and worked as an Estate Agent. I have Multiple Sclerosis which can’t be cured and has disabled me to walk. Few years back I shifted to Delhi where I stayed for some time and then moved back to Mumbai. I realized it was boring at home, so my sister suggested this old age home. I really like it here, it feels like Home. We come from different religion and background but stay as one strong family.”

My message to the younger generation is “Be faithful to your partner and solve problems together.”

Path Changer

“Whenever I planned to do something big, money became an issue, And related to my business of Car dealership whenever I am about to go and purchase a car which came at a reasonable price. I am confident that after investing in the car I would get good money but financial crisis happened again. Because I belong to a middle class family, I did not get the proper support from my family that I should’ve got. My parents are a little Old fashioned, they always told me that you should do a job rather than a business it will bring stability, but I was confident that I could do good business. I did not get any Proper Platform related to this business, There were many people who were encouraging me to do business but none of them supported me Financially, 2-3 cars can be sold by anyone but having a proper platform which I got here in Autorama,”

How did I get this platform?

“I did Hotel management in a college, at the time the app for selling things was new. After selling a few cars to friends, I planned to drop out of Hotel management completely and starting this, selling 3 cars turned into 1 dealer to 2 dealers and then I got this platform for car dealership.”

Get down and Play More!

“I see a lot of children play games on computers and mobile. Parents give mobile phones to infants so that they stop crying, which is very wrong. They would soon get addicted to this and stop doing any physical activity at all. I motivate children of my society to play outdoor games. You get fresh air, mind and body get exercise plus your eyes don’t get strained because of the Mobile screens. In my younger days we always played more outdoor games and got injured but we wore them proudly.”

“Back then we had fixed timings when our parents sent us to play. We would play from 5′ to 8′ and during exams the time was reduced , but it was mandatory to go out and play. There were no distractions such as Fidget Spinners which every kid wants to own. Before it was either you invent your own games or try to socialize. The biggest change that I see in today’s kids is that they are spoon feed. Earlier we had a deal and earned something, if you passed with flying colors then your wish will be fulfilled, unfortunately nowadays this has changed.

My message for today’s generation is that “Be the Best and if you fail, keep trying and Do not Give Up. Have Patience”.

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