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Story of the Month - June

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An Unexplored Library

The Glimpse of her eyes speaks a lot about how much she will be missing her grand daughter after her wedding.

“I have been waiting for decades for this day, defying death, looking forward to her wedding. It is her day, I cannot express how much happy I’m, she is looking like a Princess in that Bright red Saree. But she will be leaving within hours, she will go to her in-laws. Her steps, her voice, her laugh, her puny fun making. Everything I’ll miss so much, I really don’t know how to express. I’m just sitting here watching them and counting hours left for her to leave.”

My first love

“After graduating from school , I chose photography as my career . Instead of going behind the normal careers , i have chosen a road less trodden by . A path that i have always dreamed of chasing since my childhood . Capturing the beautiful moments of life have always fancied me .I dont think you really need anything else if you are living your dream . Its not an easy job , but one can achieve anything with hard work and dedication….10% luck , 20% skill , 15% concentrated power of will and a 100% reason to remember my name . Photography is my life and my camera is my first and last love. Anywhere , any shot, any time , i am ready to adjust the focus and make the click mine.”

"Life at  Sundarban"

“Grooming up my nets, going to sail out tonight at distant waters to gamble with my Life, to try a Luck deep into the Ocean. Hope I return to bring up the smile to my wife’s face and my starving children. May the Sea Princess protect me with all her might. Adieu ?. “