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“Becoming a mahout was one of the prestigious designations to hold in forest areas . Generally many mahouts live in the deep forests near the hilly places. A mahout’s day starts before dawn when he has to take the elephant to an early grazing in the lowlands around the valley. The bonding between the mahout and the elephant is so deep because these elephants see these people as much as they do their parents. So these mahouts consider the elephant as their own offspring. We stay mostly in areas where there’s more elephant population.”

“The post lunch we set on to the Flower Valley where they transport loads of flowers to the vendors around the place and try to make some money. But sometimes during these transportation, unfortunately many mahouts and elephants get surrounded by a pack of animal predators who hunt on them to feed their species. We , the Mahouts are similar to warriors whose prime duty is to protect their elephant.Due to the decline in the popularity, these people have gone off the radar. But we people, who are suffering for their day to day survival should be treated well with reverence and they are nothing less than entertainers who try to make a living out of what they know.”

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Happy Couple

‘You just know when you meet the right person that there aren’t any violins playing in the background like in movies but yes, your heart gives you a signal and it did show me a complete package of all that I desired.I had many crushes in school-college days but never ever been into a relationship. So, one day when my dad asked me to meet him, I was slightly taken aback. I went mad thinking how it would go. Will we have time to know each other? What if I don’t like him? All these questions going around in my mind and I was so clueless on what’s gonna happen. The day arrived and what I now remember is it wasn’t how i felt !
One year ago, had anyone told me that I would have an arranged marriage and that too fall head-over-heels in love, I would have definitely scoffed at them. But today, it’s like waking up each day with that warm glow inside.”

A Girl to Model

“It was not my dream or passion to be a model. I chose this line because I was not financially stable. But slowly I started to love what I did. Every profession is not easy in the early stages especially if it’s modelling. There were lot of creepy people messaging random messages which was so humiliating. In the name of shoot they talk useless stuff. Some shoots I was asked to do for free since I was a fresher. But now I guess I’m efficient enough to pay my needs. And I’m happy and proud that I’m not depending on my parents and in fact I support them financially. This profession not just made me independent but also I gained how to tackle different kind of people. People say models have lot of attitude. And yes I have attitude and that’s why people don’t take me for granted now.”

Chess Master..

“I started playing chess when I was 9.Since my uncle is a chess trainer,I trained under him and have played many tournaments in all age categories representing my state.Getting into a premier college through sports quota is something that’s not a gallop of luck ! After getting into engineering it’s quite difficult to play regularly.May be after my graduation I may take up chess seriously and work on it.Hopefully I’ll be back to consistency.I’m very much interested in psychology.I’m also a part of “Teach My Kid” organisation.”

Kill the politics in sports and we'll see a good player in every other street

“A single seed can sprout into a majestic tree, a single drop can fill a ocean, a single decision can change our lives. For me, this decision was choosing to play basketball at an age where I didn’t understand it as a “sport” , it was a decision made purely to accompany my friend, it was also the best decision of my life. Now 10 years later, I made that one seemingly inconsequential choice, I still have no regrets. Basketball became more then just a game, it became a tangible part of my life, so much so that I started putting in more effort than anybody else on my team. This passion led to my playing on an International level twice, representing our proud country. It should have been my proudest moment just as much as I still should be playing basketball but, sometimes what we hope doesn’t really happen. My experiences were always bridled with unfairness, that shouldn’t exist. Preferences and politics took a front seat to talent until we couldn’t cope with it anymore. We’ve heard the phrase, “Kill the politics in sports and we’ll see a good player in every other street”. This phrase hasn’t yet been heeded, it remains a fact, a fictitious belief and not a reality. Believe me when I say that when this becomes true, India would reach insurmountable heights, and I would truly be proud to play in our country as a girl, as a player and as an Indian!”

Game,Set, Match!

“What started as a fitness activity turned out to be the love of my life. Tennis has helped me become the person I am today. I remember days when I used to cry and keep running because I couldn’t stop. I remember days when I would hardly be able to get out of bed but still had to go to practice at 5:30 am and days when I couldn’t hang out with friends because I had practice. But in then end,I would say it was worth all of it. I have represented my state at the national level and won laurels. I have never been a conventional sportsperson (been obese my whole life) and still made it so far and this has helped me in loving my body.”

In search of the perfect shot

“I am still a learner and amateur when it comes to photography. I have my interests in Street photography as it helps capture emotions of strangers, product photography as it helps me to use my imagination and creativity to show the given product cool or beautiful and last one portrait people photography as it capture the sheer beauty and situations and emotions that can’t be replicated easily. And I hope to continue my quest in learning this art as I move on”