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Caring for Strays

“For a large part of my childhood, I was terrified of dogs, especially strays until one day when I met a sweet little indie named April that wandered about the streets right outside my colony.
It was probably 9 years ago when I really bonded with this little dog that changed my feelings towards dogs in general.
We got so attached that spending time during the day was a big part of my routine and hers too, I guess.
I grew to care for every dog I saw and this has made me determined to open a shelter for different animals.
The feeling of making their lives better is incredible and I guess if everyone did their bit in caring for the voiceless, they will surely gain satisfaction just as I did.”

Dancing through the days

“Dance has always been a huge part of me, ever since I was three years old. My folks never encouraged any sort of dance classes so I used to watch TV and YouTube and learn on my own. Eventually I fought and joined Dance classes and a couple of months later my talent was acknowledged and I was chosen to be an instructor. It was a great feeling to get a lot of recognition from everyone for something that I was passionate about, but of course there were a lot of hardships. I had to drop out of college and I started with just two thousand as monthly salary which wasn’t much considering I traveled a lot for classes. With a lot of strength to deal with the obstacles and some kind of a stubborn determination, I’m here today as what I am!

I face a lot of criticism from older people because they claim to have more experience than I do in the field. I accept their point of view but I do not necessarily oblige because I believe in hard work and determination. There are instances where the older instructors have had trouble trusting me because of my age. However within no time I made sure I proved my point, became a “master-instructor” at the age of 19 and held a lot of dance shows and classes independently. I’m not afraid to say that I could even be better than them sometimes and age or background really isn’t a factor that determines your talent and power.

When most people of my age enjoy socializing and going out and things like that, I enjoy my work more. Honestly it is such a major drawback at times to not socialize in today’s world but life is all about prioritizing and I choose my Work. I absolutely love dancing as it makes me forget about reality and I’m glad I get to work through my passion – Dance.” – Spoorthi

The Success Story of an Accountant!

“As soon as I graduated college when I was twenty two years old, I worked locally as an accountant while trying my best to gain opportunities as an actor.
It took tremendous effort and a long time before I could display my talent and get a job as an actor with a side role in one of the best Kannada films at the time.
I had worked as an accountant for almost 15 years totally when I didn’t have a film to work on and still continue to do so.
I am forty eight years old now and have acted in over 300 films and starred in various commercial ads and other documentaries.
I hope to continue making films for as long as I can and I’d like to say that working hard for your passion will always pay off as long as your intentions and goals are clear and focused on.”

Striving To Succeed!

“I have always been an athletic girl from a tender age until I found my true passion for shooting targets with a rifle.
I began shooting and practicing three or four years ago and ever since I have been a national player as well.
I excelled at the sport and won a gold medal at the university I studied in until they recognised it and sent me to a few national competitions. If only I had the resources to use an advanced rifle, I’d have probably won the tournament.
It is a pretty expensive affair and that is why I plan to hold off this passion until I save enough to provide for my own training expenses.
Nevertheless, I will always practice and try to get better at the sport.”

Earn and Grow!

“I really love India but there is one thing that worries me every single time I come across poverty. I
I love travelling and have travelled to over twenty countries purely to observe and experience different cultures and backgrounds.
There is something in the way a lot of other countries have grown and progressed that give me happiness to just know about.
I believe we as Indians promote poverty sometimes by donating to the able and well bodied people of the nation instead of encouraging them to earn their money and not beg.
If only we could eradicate poverty by promoting an attitude to work hard and not waste precious time and resources, I believe our country could be just as good as every other well developed nation.”

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Surviving And Being Successful.

“November, 2016 was when I had started applying in a number universities for higher education. I was quite happy about the fact that had I gotten into the best of the best universities in the world. At the time, I was pursuing the IB curriculum which is known to be the toughest curriculum in the world. I somehow managed to get my way through it. But, all of a sudden, I got a lot of pressure from teachers to complete assignments which usually took about a month to complete and I hadn’t started.
I couldn’t focus on choosing universities because of all the back log I had created for myself.
I was afraid about getting into colleges and handling the present pressure of my projects which were the cornerstones of the curriculum to get a diploma.
Alongside this, board exams were also approaching.
I became very depressed with almost everything that was happening. I was not able to tackle it properly. Days went by but, I was not able to get over it.
There was one instance when I was thinking about my life about what to do and how it all was.
I was spontaneously motivated by a quote: “When something is important, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour” – Elon Musk.
I felt a bit more motivated when I read my own blog (‘Life – An Opportunity!’) after 2 years which made me think differently than how I did presently. I figured out that life is like this. Life is full of pressure and obstacles. If I need to survive and become successful, I would have to learn to tackle it in a different and mature way.”