Q. When will my story get published ?

A. It can take anywhere between 2 days to a week. There is no guarantee of featuring your story unless it passes our quality and verification process.In case you do not see you story in a week, please understand it has been rejected.We expect submissions to have inspiring stories with amazing photography.

Q. What should I write as a story ?

A. Story can be anything from what you were doing at that moment when the photo was clicked,to anything inspiring/interetsing in your life, or if you wish to send a soccial message.

Q. Can I submit story for someone else?

A. Yes you can submit story for another person , as long as you have his/her consent.We will run a verification process for which we will require that persons personal details.

Q. Can I upload photos taken from mobile?

A. We would give preference to DSLR photgarphs. But as long as the photo taken from the cell phone has higher clarity and the story is interesting.We would consider publishing such stories.

Q. Why should I give my personal details ?

A. We would require your details for our verification process. Before featuring a story on our website, we would like to ensure that the photographs submitted are original and were taken after rightful consent from the owner.

Q. Can I add my watermark ?

A. No, all the photos featured on our website will have only “Humans of India” water mark which is applied automatically on submission of the photograph.

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