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“I am an intermediate candid and nature Photographer . I like freezing photos of People and emotions . I love to travel to take pictures of Local People and their day to day life .The passion towards photography raised because of motivation . I want to achieve big in my passion”


My first love

“After graduating from school , I chose photography as my career . Instead of going behind the normal careers , i have chosen a road less trodden by . A path that i have always dreamed of chasing since my childhood . Capturing the beautiful moments of life have always fancied me .I dont think you really need anything else if you are living your dream . Its not an easy job , but one can achieve anything with hard work and dedication….10% luck , 20% skill , 15% concentrated power of will and a 100% reason to remember my name . Photography is my life and my camera is my first and last love. Anywhere , any shot, any time , i am ready to adjust the focus and make the click mine.”

A self made Photographer

“Ever since I left my studies after my 12th standard, I have been doing photography full time. My main foray would be as a Wedding Photographer but My passion lies with Wildlife as you require a lot of investment for the camera and lenses which are suitable for a wildlife Photographer. I am currently saving for my wildlife Photographer Career. My passion for photography started since my best Friend and I both started learning the basic settings of the camera and lenses, I also got into photography as I did not see a point in studying further after my 12th standard and was looking for a reasonable career option. My mother supported me for this decision, and she said that “If you want to do it, go ahead but do it on your own” and as I kept getting a little income and saving I purchased a DSLR camera myself.”

In search of the perfect shot

“I am still a learner and amateur when it comes to photography. I have my interests in Street photography as it helps capture emotions of strangers, product photography as it helps me to use my imagination and creativity to show the given product cool or beautiful and last one portrait people photography as it capture the sheer beauty and situations and emotions that can’t be replicated easily. And I hope to continue my quest in learning this art as I move on”

The Determined Hobbyist

“Whenever I get an Off from the family Construction business I got out to explore the streets and nature of Mumbai . I got interested in Photography after watching tutorials on YouTube and other online sources. So I started to explore and after having the exposure on Instagram I came to know different people and their style of photography. I got more inspired in photography by the way people touched lives through their photos on Instagram. I use a point and shoot camera. Most of the people in photography I know use High end camera and lenses, which is one of the difficulties that I faced, but I believe that if you have a passion for photography then any camera would be the best. The main gear you use in photography is your Vision.”

The Cinematographer

“In the end of Engineering 2nd year, I got interested in film making.In the process I tried direction of camera and editing .I felt doing cinematography was something more interesting.I got placed in two IT companies ,but getting seat in Film and TV Institute of Tamil Nadu made me much complete.I chose cinematography and am proud to be in FTI.”

No dream,so many of them..

“I had no dreams at all. when i looked around most of my classmates had everything figured out like where and what they will study further,which company they will work in,my dad wanted me to do engineering and I was struggling to pass in basic maths .I didn’t even know what I was good at,I was just average in everything,but I loved to travel,I would wait  for summer to come every year because every summer we traveled to a new place.It was amazing.It was only last year i finally figured out i wanted to be a photographer,I can travel and capture the beauty in my camera that I see through my eyes in fact better than what I can see.I love doing it Sofar, every good picture makes me feel so good.
Now I have so many dreams,I have so much to learn,so many places I want to see…Hope I make it before the end.”

Ajith Kumaar .A.S from CHENNAI

“I am an intermediate candid and nature Photographer . I like freezing photos of People and emotions . I love to travel to take pictures of Local People and their day to day life .The passion towards photography raised because of motivation . I want to achieve big in my passion”


“When I was in class 8th, all students were supposed to pick clubs as part of extra-curricular activities. As I was a new student and all club positions were filled. I had a choice between the Sculpture Club and the Photography Club. I chose the Sculpture Club only to find out that it wasn’t for class 8th students, and hence I joined the photography club. Soon after joining the club my parents bought me my first DSLR and that is when photography became my passion.
I have been a photographer for 8 years now and me and my camera have come a long way. From the start my forte has been landscape and macro photography and for years I have experimented on new styles in these genres, but lately I have started exploring the world of portraits. I have only recently started sharing my work on social media.
Stay tuned for more of my articles on this website. “